The IWBF 2022 is held as a joint conference with the International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools & Applications (IPTA). For the full conference program, see IPTA 2022 & IWBF 2022 Joint Conference Program. The relevant sessions of the IWBF are listed below:

Invited Speaker

Bernhard Strobl

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

DI Bernhard Strobl

touchless4f: A dedicated device for contactless fingerprint scanning

Developed over the last two decades, contact-based fingerprint authentication has found its place in various scenarios such as police control, border control, access control and forensics. To gain high biometric recognition accuracy, fingerprint samples have to be of high quality. To find its way into a broader field of application scenarios, fingerprint acquisition lacks in terms of hygienic harmless capturing and acquisition speed. Improving speed and decreasing hygienic concerns would also benefit for a higher convenience and public acceptance rate.

We present a special hardware-based approach for a dedicated device for contactless fingerprint scanning which is fast, small, cheap in price terms, and it delivers images of high quality.

The presentation will address the acquisition process, hardware setup, used elements, challenges in algorithmic design, quality estimation, shortcomings and potential improvements. At the end of the presentation there will be the chance to have some hand-on experiments on a device.

Wednesday, 20.04.2022

12:00 Lunch  
12:50 IWBF Opening Session   IWBF Opening Session
Andreas Uhl • Bernhard Prommegger
13:00 Invited Speaker Chair:
Bernhard Prommegger
touchless4f: A dedicated device for contactless fingerprint scanning
Bernhard Strobl
Austrian Institute of Technology
14:00 IPTA
Session 3
Bernhard Strobl
Learning-based compression of visual objects for smart surveillance
14:20 Hand-Based Person Identification using Global and Part-Aware Deep Feature Representation Learning
14:40 Towards Fast and Accurate Intimate Contact Recognition through Video Analysis
15:00 Coffee Break  
15:20 IWBF
Session 1
Christof Kauba
Are average Faces Master Faces?
15:40 Face Recognition In Children: A Longitudinal Study
16:00 Morphing Attack Potential
16:20 Kinship Verification from Ear Images: An Explorative Study with Deep Learning Models
17:50 Social Event
Meeting at the funicular to the fortress Hohensalzburg
18:00 Guided tour through the fortress
19:00 Dinner in the Arms Hall

Thursday, 21.04.2022

08:30 IWBF
Industrial Talk
Chair: Andreas Uhl Fight Fraud and Bias in Face Biometrics
09:00 IWBF
Session 2
Stephanie Schuckers
BA-LR: Binary-Attribute-based Likelihood Ratio estimation for forensic voice comparison
09:20 Dual-Stream Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for Voice Presentation Attack Detection
09:40 Privacy-Preserving Convolutional Neural Networks Using Homomorphic Encryption
10:00 Improved Homomorphically Encrypted Biometric Identification Using Coefficient Packing
10:20 Coffee Break  
10:40 IWBF
Session 3
Vitomir Struc
Writer Recognition Using Off-line Handwritten Single Block Characters
11:00 Mobile Passive Authentication through Touchscreen and Background Sensor Data
11:20 Exploring Quality Scores for Workload Reduction in Biometric Identification
11:40 CNN based Finger Region Segmentation for Finger Vein Recognition
12:00 Lunch